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  • Today's world and civilisation are increasingly dependent on climate change.
  • One of the conditions for the development and survival of human and other living species is their adaptation to various changes, from long-term, to medium-term, and finally short-term. This holds particularly for the short-term and medium-term changes, of up to 100 year order of magnitude.
  • Being acquainted as well as possible with the changes taking place and changes projected for the future is absolutely essential, considering that measures needed will have to be both adaptive and mitigating.
  • It is necessary to be familiar with various forecast methods, including those involving analyses of events from the distant past, paleoclimate, observed data and modelling.
  • Assessment of man's impact on climate and mitigation of this impact constitute an enormous scientific, political and economic challenge.
  • Work on the issues of adaptation to expected changes is equally significant.
  • Development of climate-hydrological models is very important in terms of the future of water resources and their management, especially so in the areas with insufficient quantities and inadequate quality of water for man and the environment.
  • It is necessary to acquire more knowledge of climate change impact on the frequency of occurrence of extreme hydrological events (floods and droughts). To that end, science, education and knowledge sharing should be intensified.
  • Monitoring of and access to climate relevant data should be improved.
  • Establishing networking and dissemination of best practices and experiences is highly recommended.
  • Countries and regions facing the same challenges (for instance decrease or increase in precipitation and the like) need to work together to address global challenges on a local scale.
  • Improving water use efficiency is considered an important strategy to cope with future stress on water resources.
  • Representing and upholding the concern for climate change and climate variation at international activities such as World Water Forums, etc., is essencial.
  • And finally, it is suggested that one of the topics to be discussed at the conference "Water Management in Countries in Transition", to take place in the autumn of 2014 in Belgrade, should be the development of monitoring (global, regional and local) pertinent to climate change and its impact on hydrological regimes.


Belgrade, 18 October 2013

Academician Fedor Mesinger
Dr. Milan Dimkić
Dr. Nada Miljević
Dr. Biljana Radojević
Dr. Hassan Abbas
Dr. Farhad Yazdandoost
Dr. Hans-Peter Nachtnabel
Miodrag Milovanović
Dejan Dimkić
Branislava Vasiljević
Dr. Vladimir Djurdjević
Dr. Sorin Cheval

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