Payday Loans
  • River Foreland Development in the Kovin Area

    Monday, 05 July 2010 13:32
  • Sanitation and Reclamation of the Ljig Municipal Landfill

    Monday, 05 July 2010 13:41
  • Flash Flood and Erosion Plans

    Monday, 05 July 2010 12:38
Department of Erosion and Torrent Control: Core Activities PDF Print E-mail
  • Monitoring and assessment of flash flood, erosion, and sediment production potential
  • Assessment of causes leading to flash floods and erosion, and of the effectiveness of implemented control measures
  • Mapping of torrential streams, erosion, and sediment production
  • Protection from torrential streams
  • Assessment of erosion intensity and impact (e.g., reservoir siltation)
  • Erosion reduction and management in the watershed
  • Flash flood protection (structural and non-structural measures)
  • Flash-flood risk maps
  • Flash-flood rescue plans
  • Studies of the torrential stream sediment regime within the watershed
  • Assessment of reservoir sedimentation rates and siltation reduction measures
  • Assessment of the impact of flood regime changes on river foreland forests and their survival
  • Development of groundwork for forest management planning documents
  • Sanitation and reclamation of municipal landfills
  • Development of master plans, preliminary designs and detailed designs
  • Studies, expert reports, guidance documents, technical audits, engineer oversight, and consulting services
  • Development of relevant components of water management strategies and multi-disciplinary projects


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