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Projects Flash Flood and Erosion Plans
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Client: Aleksinac Municipality and Velika Plana Municipality
Chief Design Engineer: Mileta Milojević, FE
Design Engineers: Dr. Dušan Stojadinović, GE; Zoran Gavrilović, FE; Irina Milovanović, FE

Erosion area designation plans and flash flood protection plans are mandated by Serbian law for the formal designation of erosion areas and the implementation of flash flood protection by local administrations.



In this regard, JCI addressed 2% of Serbia’s territory in 2007 and produced:

  • An erosion area designation plan and a flash flood protection plan for the Aleksinac Municipality, and
  • An erosion area designation plan for the Velika Plana Municipality.

altThe objectives of these plans were to:

  • Establish municipal general flash flood protection plans and flash flood action plans;
  • Based on these plans, allow for the planning of human resources and other resources required for flash flood protection;
  • Establish measures and implement mandatory erosion-control soil management in the designated erosion areas of the Velika Plana and Aleksinac municipalities (i.e., prohibit any land use which intensifies the erosion process and destroys the topsoil).

The plans include recommendations for local administrations regarding the protection of urban areas, infrastructure, industry and farmland from flash floods and erosion, encouraging erosion control and regulatory and preventative measures to avoid loss of soil and damage caused by aeolian/pluvial erosion and flash floods.

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Remote sensing methods and multi-spectral satellite imagery were used to generate land use maps and erosion maps of the Aleksinac Municipality, with the primary goal of soil management classification.

Based on designated erosion areas and related assessments, the Aleksinac Municipality was found to be highly vulnerable to erosion in both mountainous areas and plains.

The plans produced at JCI detailed measures which local administrations now undertake to ensure proper erosion management.



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