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Projects Sanitation and Reclamation of the Ljig Municipal Landfill
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Client: Ljig Municipality
Chief Design Engineer: Danica Županski, MSc, FE
Design Engineers: Dr. Dušan Stojadinović, GE; Zvonimir Volf, CE

The sanitation and reclamation of landfills and dumps in Serbia require a major societal effort, to generally improve water quality and enhance environmental protection. Contributing to large-scale endeavors aimed at harmonizing local water management practices with the provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/ЕC), JCI has prepared project document packages for the sanitation and reclamation of a number of landfills (e.g., in Ljig, Ćuprija and Stara Pazova). We will illustrate our general approach using the Ljig Municipal Landfill as an example.

The existing 0.8 ha of the Ljig Landfill is located northwest of the Town of Ljig. The waste found at this site is about 20 years old. The average thickness of deposits is 6-8 m. The landfill is vulnerable to a number of highly undesirable occurrences, such as fires, smoke, dispersion of light waste, stench, rodents, birds, stray dogs, and the like.

Our engineering concept addresses sanitation over a period of five years following closure of the landfill. It encompasses:

  • Waste collection and stabilization; development of 1:2 outer slopes; and leveling of the upper surface;
  • Continued but controlled, sandwich-type disposal;
  • Clean-stormwater ditches;
  • Three piezometers, to monitor groundwater levels and quality;
  • A multi-layer landfill blanket, including a water and gas barrier;
  • Degassing wells; and
  • An anti-erosion vegetation blanket.

This sanitation and reclamation concept is based on USEPA (US Environmental Protection Agency, 1985) standards applicable to old landfills containing a mix of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The goal of groundwater monitoring is to verify expected environmental status improvement.



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