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WATERWEB: Water Resource Strategies

WATERWEB:  Water Resource Strategies and Drought Alleviation in Western Balkan Agriculture ...

Drought and the National Irrigation Strategy

Client: Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management/ Water Directorate Project...

  • WATERWEB: Water Resource Strategies

    Friday, 02 July 2010 18:02
  • Protection of Rusko Selo from High Groundwater Levels

    Thursday, 01 July 2010 18:07
  • Drought and the National Irrigation Strategy

    Thursday, 01 July 2010 17:04
Department of Hydraulic Reclamation: Core Activities PDF Print E-mail
  • Field investigations, data collection, and assessment of physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics of soil
  • Generation of maps (soil science, agri-chemistry, topography, drainage characteristics, irrigatability, etc.)
  • Irrigation, drainage and soil management studies and projects
  • Investigations and definition of design criteria and control parameters for irrigation, drainage and groundwater regime management
  • System engineering and selection of irrigation and drainage methods

o The purpose of irrigation is to ensure optimum conditions for economically-viable crop production.
o Advanced, computer-based models and methods, founded upon scientific principles, are used to schedule irrigation during the vegetation period.
o The purpose of drainage is to manage the water/air regime of soils. Drainage is not always simple and straightforward; it depends on a number of factors which are addressed in detail during the project design phase.

  • Engineer supervision, review and consulting services associated with the construction and management of hydraulic systems
  • Quality control monitoring during construction and following commissioning of hydraulic systems
  • Assessment of agricultural and environmental impacts

o These activities include the application of advanced methods to assess the impact of hydraulic projects on the environment and how ecosystems are disturbed or threatened by inadequate use of irrigation or drainage systems, or application of inappropriate agri-technical measures.

  • Drought problems

o Activities include drought characterization, assessment of the drought index and drought indicator variation by region, and the design of drought alleviation and management measures.

  • Financial and economic analyses

o These analyses address economic aspects of water management, including planning, project design, economic viability, and cost-effectiveness.



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