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  • Assessment of the March-May 2006 Flood Wave

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  • Use of the Riparian Lands of the Danube River in the Metropolitan Area of the City of Smederevo

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Projects Use of the Riparian Lands of the Danube River in the Metropolitan Area of the City of Smederevo
Use of the Riparian Lands of the Danube River in the Metropolitan Area of the City of Smederevo PDF Print E-mail


Client: Serbia Waters
Chief Design Engineer: Milan Milešev, CE
Design Engineers: Zoran Knežević, CE; Branka Miloradović, CE

During the 20th century, different priorities with respect to the development of various industries prevented timely implementation of Smederevo’s water management solutions, resulting in certain areas being threatened to the extent that they could not be protected from the adverse effects of the altered water regime. Local administration departments lacked the background required to establish criteria for the issuance of permits for the use of riparian lands in the metropolitan area of Smederevo (addressing hydrologic, meteorological, hydrogeological and geological aspects and flood regime changes due to the use of floodplains), while potential users needed information about the feasibility of constructing safe docking facilities and a number of other structures in the metropolitan area.



Efficient planning of the use of riparian lands required a detailed review of the proposed projects and of spatial and technical constraints. A study was produced to address these issues, including:

  • An assessment of the current uses of the Danube’s riparian lands in the general area;
  • A definition of the manner in which the riparian lands can be used, including harmonization of planning documents and economic development with water management requirements and criteria (delineation and zoning of the area);
  • A cost-benefit analysis of riparian land development.

The Study covered the metropolitan area of Smederevo from the mouth of the Velika Morava River to the „Bare Hill“ near Orešac.

The studied area was divided into seven sectors. Current riparian land uses, facilities, and users in each sector were identified.

The natural characteristics of the riparian lands were assessed based on:

  • Meteorological data (precipitation, air temperature, wind, fog),
  • Hydrologic data (the Danube River, the Udovički Creek and the Petrijevski Creek), and
  • Geotechnical data.

The Study contains information about:

  • The hydrologic regime of the Danube River;
  • Hydro-meteorological parameters;  and
  • Hydrogeological parameters.

The following technical conditions and constraints related to the use of riparian lands were assessed:

  • Navigation conditions on the Danube;
  • Nautical conditions in the metropolitan area of Smederevo;
  • Existing and proposed nautical facilities in the metropolitan area of Smederevo (marina and international port); and
  • Conditions for the erection of temporary docking facilities along navigation routes (river stages; sediment regime; waves and winds; types of vessels; ice; and slope stability).


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As a result, the Study proposes preferred riparian land uses, including:

  • A selection of riverside segments where profit-bearing facilities are present or could be installed;
  • Potential land uses by segment, based on natural conditions, spatial constraints and planning documents;
  • An economic analysis of water land uses;
  • An action plan for the identification of water land and water infrastructure.


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