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From October 25th to 28th, at the ˝Palace˝ Hotel and at the ˝Milutin Milanković˝ Association's conference hall, the ˝Jaroslav Černi˝ Institute for the Development of Water Resources hosted a Regional Meeting of the partners and participants in the DRINKADRIA (Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region) international project. The meeting was attended by representatives of all 17 partner institutions from the Adriatic region countries – Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Serbia.
On behalf of the ˝Jaroslav Černi˝ Institute, the attendees were greeted by Mr Miodrag Milovanović, the Institute's Associate Director, and Mr Dejan Dimkić, the Project's coordinator for Serbia. Mr Enrico Altran, the representative of the Project's leading partner Eastern Optimal Territorial Area of Trieste (an organisation which is, among other things, in charge of the city of Trieste's waterworks), declared the meeting officially open and presided over it. Over the course of the meeting, the partners presented what had been accomplished so far with regard to all the project packages, shared experiences, proposed solutions for any open questions, and defined future activities and duties regarding the implementation of the Project's goals.
Together with the Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage (BVK), the Institute organised a visit to the water treatment plant ˝Makiš˝ for all attendees of the meeting. As a part of the visit, they were shown a film on Belgrade waterworks, while Mr Marko Milačić from BVK, the WTP ˝Makiš 2˝ Implementation Project coordinator, gave a presentation on water production at WTP ˝Makiš˝. Mr Dušan Đurić, the Director of the Institute's Department of Water Supply, Sewerage and Water Protection, gave a presentation on ˝Belgrade Waterworks' Ground Water Source˝, whereas the Institute's expert associates, Dr Dragan Vidović and Dr Boris Pokorni, presented the alluvial ground water sources programme. The guests described the visit as very useful and a great success.
DRINKADRIA Project's main goal is to promote the access to water supply in the Adriatic basin area. For this purpose, the planned activities include the development of a protocol aiming at the improvement of water supply stability in cross-border water supply systems andall the other water supply systems and water sources shared by two or more entities, as well as at the establishment of an interactive web platform which would provide both the experts and the wider public with the access to data and information. It was assessed that the initial delay of the Project due to the time 17 partners needed to get organised, had been successfully compensated for in the meantime, and the leading partner, Trieste Waterworks, expressed their satisfaction in this regard. It was also agreed on that the next meeting would take place in Sarajevo, in February next year.


At the beginning of December the kick-off meeting for DRINKADRIA project (Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region) was organized in Trieste, Italy. The representatives from all project partners (from eight countries) contributed actively and provide useful inputs. The Institute for water resources development "Jaroslav Černi" (JCI) was represented by Dejan Dimkić i Branislava Matić.
Following the clarification of administrative and financial issues, project partners presented on activities of their institutions. All information and data relevant for Institute for water resources development "Jaroslav Cerni " were presented by Dejan Dimkić (DRINKADRIA project coordinator at the JCI).
During the afternoon session leaders for WP1 and WP2 (WP2 - Communication and Dissemination ) introduced participants with foreseen activities and resulting outputs in line with final application form. The necessity for DRINKADRIA visibility in media was stressed. Relevant information on activities and outputs for WP3 (Capitalization& Sustainability) were presented by Branislava Matic (JCI) since the JCI is leader organization for this activity.
During the second day the activities for WP5 (Cross-border management of drinking water supply systems) and WP6 (Pilot actions) are organized jointly and parallel with WP4 activities (Cross border Water Resources management). During the afternoon session the short overview of the role of each partner in WP3 were presented.
At the end of the kick-off meeting the list of locations and dates for technical workshops is finalized, it is agreed that Lead Partner should develop DRINKADRIA visual identity and project web page, and project logo is selected.


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