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Sewage Collector - Interceptor „Ušće - Veliko selo“ Section km 5+587 to km 12+639 PDF Print E-mail

Sewage collector - interceptor „Ušće - Veliko selo“ Section km 5+587 to km 12+639 (Consultant's services during construction)

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency
Institute „Jaroslav Černi“
Hidrotehnika-Hidroenergetika and Fairbuild
Consultant's services during the construction
Project manager and principal consultant:
Milan Tričković, M.S.C.E.
Supervision of works:
Milutin Đurković, B.S.C.E.

This interceptor sewer will be the main collector of the Belgrade Sewerage System (BSS). It is one of the key components of the BSS and will collect and drain all wastewater and a portion of stormwater from the city’s central drainage area, from a pumping station located near Ušće (the Sava/Danube confluence) to the wastewater treatment plant in Veliko Selo.

The total length of the interceptor sewer will be 12,639 m. Prior to 1990, two separate, small sections were built, ending at km 5+867. Construction of the section from km 5+867 to the site of the future wastewater treatment plant at km 12+639 began in 2007, using an EPB (Earth Pressure Balance) tunneling machine. Excavation and installation of concrete lining are conducted under the protection of a mechanical shield.

Characteristics of the currently tunneled section: interceptor_01

  • Length: 6,772 m 
  • Clear inner diameter: Ø 410 cm 
  • Longitudinal slope 0.5‰
  • Reinforced concrete lining: thickness 24 cm, comprised of 6 prefabricated 1.4m-long segments, clearance between concrete lining and excavated contour grouted with mortar

In addition to preparing the detailed design for this project, JCI is providing engineer supervision and other consulting services to the contractor, including:

  • Quality control;
  • Monitoring of the technical component;
  • Design changes, as needed;
  • Assistance in preparing tunneling risk assessments and response procedures.


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