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Prefeasibility Study and Master Plan for the Belgrade Sewerage System PDF Print E-mail

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency
Chief Designers:
Branislav Hiba, B.S.C.E., Miodrag Popović, B.S.C.E. and Vladimir Jelenković, B.S. in Chem. Eng.

In order to harmonize Belgrade's wastewater collection, evacuation and treatment with EU standards, the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency commissioned Jaroslav Cerni Institute to prepare a prefeasibility study and master plan for the evacuation and treatment of the city’s sewage and stormwater. JCI cooperated on this project with DHI Water Environment Health from Denmark. The University of Belgrade/School of Civil Engineering also took an active role and provided technical assistance to the Client in supervising the progress.

studija_02The main objectives of upgrading the Belgrade Sewerage System (BSS) are to:

  • Improve the level of service and public health through safe evacuation and treatment of wastewater from all populated areas;
  • Minimize harmful effects of untreated wastewater discharges on the immediate and broader environment, and ensure better protection of rivers and streams within the city;
  • Protect drinking water sources within city limits from wastewater pollution;
  • Safeguard people and property from stormwater floods and extreme rainfall events expected to be brought about by climate change.

The following activities have been completed to date:

  • Measurement campaigns aimed at assessing the quantity and quality of sewage and stormwater;
  • Analysis of current and future BSS loads;
  • Analysis of current and future wastewater and sludge quality, and assessment of wastewater pollution;
  • Development of a mathematical model (GIS-platform based) and database for the current system;
  • Calibration of the mathematical model using measured data;
  • Evaluation of current performance of the evacuation network and facilities under different scenarios, including accident situations;
  • Proposal for a BSS development and upgrading strategy, including the recommended number, locations and capacities of wastewater treatment plants, and treatment technologies.


These activities are described and the derived conclusions presented in the following project document volumes:
Volume 1.1     Results of Research and Investigations
Volume 1.2     Current Wastewater Quantity and Quality  
Volume 1.3     Proposed Service Standards and Design Criteria
Volume 1.4     Present Status of the Belgrade Sewerage System
Volume 1.5     Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modeling, Calibration, and Analysis of Current System Performance
Volume 1.6     Projected Wastewater Quantity and Quality
Volume 1.7     Sludge Management Strategy
Volume 1.8     Revitalization Strategy for Urban Watercourses
Volume 1.9     Impact Assessment on Environmental and Cultural Heritage
Volume 1.10     Sewerage System Development and Upgrading Strategy

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