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Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Project Coordinator:
Mile Božić, Ms.C.E.
Project Team:
Milan Tričković, Ms.C.E.; Goran Nikolić, B.S.C.E.; Zoran Marjanović, B.S.C.E.; Dejan Milošev, B.S.C.E.; Vladimir Jelenković, B.S. in Chem.Eng; Branislav Hiba, B.S.C.E.; Željka Rudić, B.S. in Agriculture

The Big Bačka Canal (BBC) is one of the most polluted artificial watercourses in Serbia. As part of comprehensive environmental efforts consistent with European Union standards, the Government of Serbia has initiated a campaign aimed at sanitizing and remediating the BBC.

The goal of this project is to establish an environmentally-acceptable status for the BBC along its stretch running through the City of Vrbas (L = 6 km), following dredging and remediation of contaminated sediments. The prerequisites for the achievement of this goal include the construction of a regional wastewater collection system and a central wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), which will service the cities of Vrbas and Kula, as well as nearby industries.

A number of Jaroslav Cerni Institute specialists are providing technical assistance and consulting services with respect to:

  1. Project Implementation Preliminaries: Review of the project with stakeholders, review of existing technical documentation, assessment of existing facilities, baseline geodetic surveys, and development of a tender documentation for additional design and construction work.
  2. Tendering and Contract Negotiations: Technical clarifications, bid evaluation, verification of technical specifications, opinions about alternative technical solutions, and assistance related to contract award.
  3. Project Management and Services: Assistance to the Client at all decision-making stages, participation in technical meetings, review of background information and data, interpretation of regulations, and verification of detailed design documents.
  4. Supervision of Project Activities: Removal and remediation of sediments; construction, mechanical and electrical work associated with the WWTP, supervision of deliveries and installation of WWTP components, as well as supervision of equipment testing, start-up, and trial operation.
  5. Project Promotion and Services Related to the Initial Stage of Operation: Justification of project outcomes to the sources of funding, communication with media outlets, review of technical and financial parameters of the system, and technical assistance aimed at improving performance of equipment and devices.


Figure 2: Sections of the Big Bačka Canal by type of pollution

Project cost estimate:

Construction of wastewater collection system, pumping stations and regional sewerage facilities from Kula to Vrbas, Phase V (10+019 – 12+624) 2,0 mil. €
WWTP (tender dossier, detailed design, construction, and commissioning)
23,5 mil.  €
Dredging and remediation of the BBC (preliminary design, tender dossier, detailed design, and implementation) 19,5 mil. €

Planned completion date: December 2013. 

Figure 3: Longitudinal section through the WWTP

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