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Electric Power Industry of Serbia/Iron Gate Hydroelectric Power Plants, and Serbia Waters
Chief Analysts:
Srđan Đurić, B.S.C.E.; Anica Jovičić, B.S.C.E.; and Maja Pavić, B.S.C.E.

Structural monitoring of a large dam consists of measurements of physical parameters to determine the status of the entire structure at any given point in time, of individual dam components, of rock abutments, and of the dam reservoir, with regard to both static stability and permeability. In addition, monitoring is conducted to track physical and chemical impacts which lead to corrosion of materials incorporated into the structure or which affect in any way its mechanical resistance or permeability.

In 2008 and 2009, JCI undertook several large-dam monitoring campaigns in Serbia and neighboring countries. They included dam inspections and measurements, a review of records maintained by dam personnel, and analyses and interpretations of structural monitoring data. The outcomes of these activities represent the basis for assessments of facility status and any recommendations that needed to be implemented to maintain safety and function.

The following dams were monitored in 2008 and 2009:

Iron Gate I HPP Barje Gruža
Iron Gate II HPP Brestovac Goli Kamen
Zavoj Vrutci Bovan
Nova Grošnica Zlatibor Bresnica
Vlasina Prvonek Ćelije
Vrla 2 Bor Dam Krajkovac
Lisina Spomen Park Pridvorica, etc.


Figure 1: Surveyed displacement of the Barje rockfill dam crest

In addition to conventional analytical methods, dam performance is also tracked using mathematical models and comparing computed parameters to measured parameters. Such models have already been developed for a number of dams, to enhance the process of dam status monitoring.


Figure 2: Computed vs. measured radial displacement of the Vrutci arch dam

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