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Instructions for the Preparation of Papers and Extended Abstracts
for the IWA Specialist Belgrade Groundwater Conference 2016
The size of the body of the text should be 227x160 mm (page size A4, top and bottom margins set at 3.5 cm and left and right margins set at 2.5 cm). The length of a paper should not be more than 8 pages, and that of an extended abstract 3 to 4 pages.
Submissions should be prepared in good English as no editing or proofreading will be undertaken. Please have your typescript read by at least two other persons to avoid typing errors. Only SI units should be used. If possible, results should be presented in tabular or graphical form, not both.
The authors are responsible for the visual presentation and content of their submissions.
Kindly prepare you submission in MS Word, font Times New Roman, as follows:
  • Title: UPPER CASE, font size 16pt
  • Two blank lines
  • Name(s) of author(s): upper and lower case, font size 12pt
  • One blank line
  • Name(s) of institution(s), email address(es) of author(s): upper and lower case, font size 11pt, italic
  • Two blank lines
  • Abstract (1 to 2 pages for papers, or extended abstracts of 3 to 4 pages): font size 11pt
  • Key words (3 to 6): font size 11pt
  • List of references (at the end of the body of the text): font size 11pt
Additional instructions for papers:
  • Three blank lines
  • Section headings: font size 12pt
  • Two blank lines before section heading, one blank line after section heading
  • Body of text: font size 11pt
  • Figure, table and graph captions: centered, font size 11pt
No parts of the text should be bolded.
The body of the text should be divided into specific sections: introduction, method(s), results and discussion, and conclusion(s).
The body of the text should be justified, with single line spacing. There should be a blank line between paragraphs, the text and figures, and the text and equations or tables. Section headings should be in upper case and indented by one tab (1.3 cm from the left margin). Section headings should not be numbered.
References should be listed at the end of the text in alphabetical order of last names of first authors. References cited in the body of the text should be in parentheses and should consist of the last name of the first author and the year of publication. For example: single author (Petrović, 2007) and several authors (Petrović et al., 2008). Two or more years in parentheses following an author's name should be cited in ascending order of year and two or more references published in the same year by the same author should be differentiated by letters a, b, c, etc. For example: Simovic (1934, 1952, 1964b, c). If a paper has been accepted for publication but has not yet been published, "in press" should be used instead of a date.
Figures, diagrams and tables should be embedded in the body of the text. Tables should be numbered, with captions above the tables (Table 1. ...). The captions of figures and diagrams should appear below (Figure 1. ...).
Letters and numerals in tables, figures, sketches and graphs should be of roughly the same size as in the body of the text. If photographs, images or graphs with shaded or textured areas are embedded, please ensure sharp contrast.
Please supply TIFF or EPS files separately from the Word file (i.e. not embedded). Scanned artwork should be saved to TIFF format for both line and halftone, and scanned at a suggested setting of 300 dpi for halftones and 800 dpi for line work. Graphics, maps and sketches should be ready for high-quality color print.
Completed papers and extended abstracts should be submitted by email to the Jaroslav Černi Institute. Please forward electronic versions prepared in conformity with these instructions to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The file name should contain the name of the first author and one or two key words (e.g. Petrovic_volume_reservoir.doc). The preferred maximum file size is 10 MB.
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