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IWA Specialist Belgrade Groundwater Conference 2016
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The International Water Association (IWA) is an organisation that brings together people from across the water profession to deliver equitable and sustainable water solutions for our world. Thematic Programmes provide IWA with a mechanism to respond to global challenges and support progressive agendas for the water and sanitation sector.

JCI logo The Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources (JCI) is the leading research organization in Serbia's water sector. In addition to research, JCI's core activities include: planning and design of water and hydropower infrastructures; engineer oversight of hydraulic projects; consulting services related to the management of water resources, facilities, and systems; development of strategic planning documents; and assistance in the drafting of national legislation, standards, methodologies, and guidelines.
wsdac The ''Water for Sustainable Development and Adaptation to Climate Change'' Centre, is operating within the "Jaroslav Černi" Institute for Water Management. The Centre will promote expert cooperation and exchange of information between different organisations involved in sustainable water resources management. The Centre will perform these activities as a part of the relevant on-going UNESCO initiatives, particularly the International Hydrological Programme - IHP.
 Supporting Organizations


 SANU logo Serbian Academy of
Sciences and Arts
 Vlada Srbije logo Government of the Republic
of Serbia Ministry of
Education, Science and
Technological Development
 UNESCO logo United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization - International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

 IAH logo The International Association
of Hydrogeologists
 IAWD logo International Association
of Water Supply
Companies in the Danube
River Catchment Area
 ICPDR logo International Commission
for Protection of the
Danube River(ICPDR)
 CCIS logo  SDZV logo  
AINS Logo  
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