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Organizers of the Milankovitch Anniversary UNESCO Symposium, Belgrade 2014

The name of the Academy was officially introduced by the Law of November 1, 1886, but it was not the actual beginning of the Academy's work in Serbia. The formal founding of the Serbian Royal Academy was only one of the turning points in the development of learned societies in Serbia. The Academy inherited the property of the Serbian Learned Society and continued its work. Finally, in 1892 when the two institutions merged the Academy accepted the members of the Serbian Learned Society as its own either regular or honorary members. The Serbian Learned Society (1864-1892) was, however, only the short-term extension of the suspended Society of Serbian Letters (1841-1864). Thus, the development of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts cannot be presented without the learned societies that preceded it and from which it originated. ENDOWMENTS and FUNDS have also enormous importance for life and development of the Academy.


The ''Water for Sustainable Development and Adaptation to Climate Change'' Centre, is operating within the "Jaroslav Černi" Institute for Water Management. The Centre will promote expert cooperation and exchange of information between different organisations involved in sustainable water resources management. The Centre will perform these activities as a part of the relevant on-going UNESCO initiatives, particularly the International Hydrological Programme - IHP.


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The UNESCO Water Portal's objective is to improve access to information on freshwater on the web.
The site serves as a thematic entry point to the current UNESCO and UNESCO-led programmes on freshwater.

The Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources (JCI) is the leading research organization in Serbia's water sector. In addition to research, JCI's core activities include: planning and design of water and hydropower infrastructures; engineer oversight of hydraulic projects; consulting services related to the management of water resources, facilities, and systems; development of strategic planning documents; and assistance in the drafting of national legislation, standards, methodologies, and guidelines.
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